Thanks for visiting this exciting project. This Collaborative is newly launched, to assist those who have a dream or a business but do not yet have the resources to do so. Damsha Bua is Gaelic for "Victory Dance" and inspires to propel others to a point of VICTORY, by providing Contacts, Resources, Education, & Training from some of the top Entrepreneurial resources in the world. We already have received a small grant and have agreements from some of the top business experts in the world to provide resources, yet much more is to be done to have a free-standing training facility, equipment and resources, and certainly marketing, to produce an international Funding Campaign. We are in the process of updating all the exciting details of my project for you to view. You may send a tax deductable donation to: Damsha Bua Collaborative 1862 Kinglet Court Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Non-Profit Tax ID: 46-4892857 email for the account numbers for Wells Fargo or US Bank if you wish to walk in a direct deposit. Thanks for your continued support!